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We are solution provider of digital oilfield technologies for the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. We understand the unique challenges of the industry because we are the industry.  We are a company whose goal is to solve unique safety and logistical challenges of petroleum operations through the development and use of next-generation oil and gas software and hardware tools. Technologies such as cloud-hosted enterprise systems that enable seamless integration and support into existing corporate networks, wireless sensor networks that provide unprecedented level of visibility into a plants operation, digital health and safety credential verification systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used for remote pipeline inspection.

Oil & Gas Digital News

Pipeline Inspection – Next Generation Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems provide a safer and faster way to perform remote and facility pipeline inspection. Remote Pipeline Inspection is characterized by its proximity (remoteness) to facilities and inspection staff. It is difficult to access and can be located in all sort of different geographical and topographical areas of the world, each with its unique challenges. Pipelines […]

Intelligent Inspection for FRAC EQUIPMENT

Performing preventive maintenance to limit the down-time of frac equipment is critical for fracking. * An out-of-operation pump represents $11,000 opportunity loss. * Many companies have 30% of maintenance activities performed after their service cycle Preventive maintenance is a fundamental servicing operation that extends the operating life of hydraulic frac equipment. Maintenance of this sort […]

Oil and Gas Software | Field Mobility – Cloud Computing |

Oil and Gas Software: The need  for field mobility and cloud computing. Deep in the woods inside a compressor station or in the middle of the ocean on an offshore rig, in today’s digital oilfield software can be everywhere.  Commercial tools such as smart phones and tablets have quickly evolved into the industrial market-space, and the expectations […]